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Beck, Kelbe
ext: 288

Graduating from New York University with a Masters in Clinical Social Work, I have had the pleasure of working with an array of diverse clientele.  Having worked with New York City’s homeless population for over four years, I acquired an extensive understanding of the shelter and housing systems of NYC.  Furthermore, I have provided both case management and therapeutic services to displaced individuals suffering from severe mental illness and substance use disorder.  I have additional experience working within school systems providing mental health therapy to adolescents and young adults struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts and life transitions.  I am particularly passionate about working with individuals who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community; I have worked with this population surrounding issues of trauma, the process and experience of coming out and identity development.  In my work with clients, I utilize such practices as CBT, DBT and Mindfulness.  From my time in the Peace Corps, I gained an encompassing worldview that informs my outlook on therapy; I believe that in order to acknowledge all aspects of a person, addressing their culture and environment is crucial and necessary.  As such, I bring a compassionate and culturally sensitive approach that creates an inclusive therapeutic space for my clients.