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Bukholts Benjamine (M.D)
Addiction Services/Medical Director
ext: 118

Medical Director of  Alcohol and Drug Addiction treatment at St. Mark’s Pl. Institute for Mental Health.

Professional Certifications:

  • Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
  • Certified as a Diplomate in the Specialty of Psychiatry by the American Psychiatric Association.
  • Certificate of Completion for Buprenorphine and Office Treatment of Opioid Dependence.

In 1996 he joined St. Mark’s Pl. Institute, and he remains as a chief Doctor of psychiatry and Substance Use Disorders,  before  1996,  Dr. Bukholts worked for 19 years as a physician in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Rehabilitation Medicine abroad in Ukraine. This medical experience provided him with deep insight into physical pathology and human behavior.  Such experience is rare among other psychiatrists who were trained in psychiatry immediately after completing medical schools. Bukholts, after arriving in the USA, was trained in psychiatry for four years at Mount Sinai School of Medicine of the City University of New York in affiliation with Cabrini Medical Center.

Dr. Bukholts speak, besides English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish.