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Daniel Hoffman
By Unitas Admin In Uncategorized On May 5, 2020

Daniel Hoffman came to St. Mark’s Place Institute for Mental Health in 2018 as a psychotherapy intern and later joined the staff after graduating from the Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work in 2019. Daniel has a literary background, and before entering the mental health field he was a ghostwriter and editor for several magazines. Daniel still writes, and in his work, he is interested in exploring the intersection between mental health, spirituality, and social justice. Daniel works mainly from a psychodynamic perspective, integrating C.B.T. techniques and mindfulness practices when appropriate. With Daniel, clients can expect a safe and secure atmosphere in which they can be themselves, free from judgment, while they work toward greater self-knowledge. Daniel is a big believer in channeling the power of humor, “one of the great series of methods which the human mind has constructed in order to evade the compulsion to suffer,” as Freud said, to face life’s challenges, and he sprinkles his clinical work with moments of levity.