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More Testimonials

Jason B.

The whole staff at Unitas is extremly helpful and one of the Directors, Orlando was extremely helpful when i had trouble getting an approval through my Insurance. They truly care about their patients and do their best to help.

Daniel D.

Doctor takes care of his patients, came down to office to see me for for something I felt was urgent. Doctor knows his stuff, welcomes you, very kind. Highly recommended.

Douglas H

Amazing. He is a fantastic Doctor, an amazing manner with his patients. The service is exceptional from him and his team. Highly recommend

Eric G.

This all-in-one medical clinic is comforting and helpful... not just convenient. They have a great staff, the family Doctor is awesome... They staff a Psychiatrist and Theraist as well...

Svetlana J.

Went to check on my tests to find no one at the office except for Dr. Matt Pabis, was pleasant as usual and gave me time without feeling rushed. Afterwards we kept in contact by text for prescriptions, and he was on it. Many thanks.

Trevor S.

Always a great experience with Dr. Pabis!

Keith M.

Happy with my health care professional, Dr. Pabis

Andria T.

Dr. Pabis Is Awesome Sause❣

Ivan M.

Dr. pabis makes you feel comfortable and he takes his time on explaining things to you if you don't understand..great doctor

N. P.

he is the best! he takes his time to work through my problems and makes me feel happy and very supportive, nn

Juliann U.

Dr. Pabis is a great doctor who takes his time to listen to you and prescribe you the right medication. he is the best! he takes his time to work through my problems and makes me feel happy and very supportive, nn

Andrew B.

Very cool and fun doctor. Great experience

Andrew B.

Great doc. Great staff. He’s such a cool guy.

Sarah O.

Wonderful bedside manner


Jackie has been so incredibly helpful! She helped me get out of my depression which was really bad. She is extremely compassionate and patient.

Shawn W.

Dr. Pabis is a relative rarity amongst doctors nowadays. He's compassionate, patient and kind. Dr. Pabis really takes the time to get to know and understand his patients and their needs.

Larry Wilson

I love this place the people are very friendly and helpful I highly recommend anyone with mental illness or substance abuse disorder to attend this clinic this place has done a lot for me..

Steven P.

Simply the best

J S.

Knowledgeable doctor. Listens. Avoids unnecessary procedures.

Jeff F.

Great Doctor...I highly recommend him!

William Robles

Great Place

Deborah H.

I Have had a wonderful experience with Dr.G & Sue.

Katy Santana

They are wonderful they truly care!!!

Jeffrey Pernicka

The facility is just shy of being considered amazing; that is , by my standards, obviously. Having General medicine, Psychiatry, and Therapists all under one roof, and all incommunicado w/ each other is a luxury. I could not believe what I saw in the 1st few reviews; I was absolutely abhorred. I never write reviews whether a service is good, bad, or GREAT!!! This review however had to be composed; if for no other reason than to shun the fools who gave this office a one star review.


I have known Dr. Inwood for 20 years and I continue to see him today. He is truly a remarkable Doctor. He listens very carefully to this issues that are challenging his patients and provides them with very sound guidance. He never gives his patients quick panaceas, which I am sure many patients would prefer. Instead, he guides his patients so that they can come to a better understanding of their problems and learn to successfully resolve them through this understanding...


First, I am quite real and have no problem addressing any issues in any service I receive. I also believe one should commend individuals that provide great service. Therefore I felt compelled to write a 5 star review. My wife and I found and followed him to his new location because Dr. Pabis is an excellent doctor. He is professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Dr Pabis has a friendly, warm bedside manner and is really easy to talk to. I had been looking for a good doctor and usually don't like do.

Joann P.

I have been coming o this place for abou five years ad they have been very good and hey help you with any drug adiction mental problems anything you going through housing whatever as long as you help yourself and the best person there a piss is Miss Marino let's win over go to her so anybody using Yelp look at this review but she's the best and the doctor Mrs. Nunez the best you won't be ready as long as you help yoursef they'll help you.

Juan R.

First time visiting, as I needed a primary care physician, and it was an overall pleasant experience. From the medical assistants to Dr. Pabis, I felt welcomed. He was very attentive and made me feel comfortable in addressing any questions or concerns I had. He assured me that anytime I need to contact him he would respond as soon as he can. I’m glad I choose Dr. Pabis as my PCP.

David Y

Dr. Inwood is an extremely caring and personable therapist who always remembers to ask how you and your family is doing before anything else. He is also very flexible with time and with scheduling/rescheduling appointments which is extremely rare and a very welcome gesture.